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Mastering Your Guest List

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2016 11:37PM IDT

With AllSeated, it's super easy to build your guest list. Follow these simple steps and you will have a complete guest list in no time!


1. When you click on the GUESTS tab on the top of the page, you will see this blank guest list. Let's start adding people to the guest list!

2. You can choose to enter each guest manually, import from Facebook, or import from Excel.

3. To use Facebook, click the blue F (you can either Select all or choose individual guests) and they will appear on your AllSeated guest list. 

4. To use Excel, click on the green X next to the Facebook icon.

You will then be prompted to download the Excel file by clicking on that blue link. 

Enter the information into the template and save it.

Here is what the template looks like:

Next, go back to AllSeated and click the green X again and then click LOAD FILE, then BROWSE, and find the file where it is saved on your computer. Then click IMPORT.

Now your Excel guest list will appear in AllSeated!


1. Double click on a name to edit it. You have the option to add a title, spouse name, last name to your guest.

2. Double click in the party area to assign a party. You can edit or delete any of these options and make your own by typing it in.  Get creative! Make AllSeated work for you.

3. You can also have multiple lists running off of one guest list. For example, you can filter the guest list to show people that were invited to the Rehearsal Dinner, Lunch, etc.

4. Along the top of the page under the GUESTS tab, you can also edit Address, Contact, RSVP, Meal, and Comments.

Change guest information to more than one guest at a time

If you need to change guest information to more than one guest at a time, follow these steps.


1. Check the white box next to the guest name to make it green (this means that the guest is selected).

2. Click the drop down where the pink arrow is in the picture above. You can either "Set values to selected guests" or "Delete selected guests."

3. Choose "Set values to selected guests" and another box will pop up and you can then choose which information you want to change.

4. Once you choose which field to change, it will ask you information based on what you selected. Once you are done, click UPDATE.


 *Please note: If you want your guests to be seated at specific seats, each guest needs to placed individually on the guest list. 

Once you are done building your guest list, you can head over to SEATING to work on your floor plan.

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