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Getting Started with AllSeated for Hosts

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2016 11:01PM IST

Welcome to AllSeated! We are so thrilled that you are here and we want to help you in creating your first event. Follow these steps and you will be a pro in no time! 

1. Create Your Event

When you first log in, you will be taken to the Events page. Click + New to create your first event.

To create your customized event, simply give it a name, select the event type, and enter the event date. Then click the "Create" button.


2. Adding the Venue

Once your event is created, you will be directed to a new screen labeled "Details." From this menu you have full control over who is allowed to participate in your event.

Let's start by adding the venue. 

  • Click the "+ Add Venue" button

  • The "Add the Venue" window will appear. Begin typing at least the first three letters of the name of your venue in the search box. Click Search.

  • Once you find your venue, hover your mouse over it and click the orange select button.

  • If the confirmation window pops up, you can choose to invite the venue or select not now maybe later.

Congratulations! You've just added the venue to your event.

Note: If you are unable to find your venue already in AllSeated, we'll be happy to add it for you. For details about how to do this, see the article How Do I Get My Venue's Floor Plans into AllSeated?

Inviting Others

To invite other users and vendors, simply click on the “Add” icon. You will be brought to a pop-up menu. Simply enter the name or place and a list of suggestions will guide you. You can also invite whoever you wish to collaborate with directly through the AllSeated platform.

3. Seating

The “Seating” menu gives you full control over the physical layout of your event and also allows you manage your guest list. After selecting the venue floor plan of your choice, start creating your event by navigating through the dropdown menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

Under the “Floorplans” tab, you can select from a list of floor plans unique to your selected venue or create your customized floor plan.

Under the “Guests” tab, you can classify select guests through various filters such as Name and RSVP status.


Under the “Layout” tab, you can add a variety of seats, tables, and accessories to your floor plan to create the event of your dreams!


In order to edit your tables, chairs, and other accessories, simply click on the object or click and drag over any group of objects. A popup menu will appear and all customization tools can be used to adjust your objects.

The various tool icons located above your floor plan serve different functions

- Stats: Displays the number of chairs and tables 

- Ruler: Tool that provides accurate dimensions

- Grid: Drops a grid over the entire floor plan for more precision

- Settings: Places minimum distance between tables and chairs

- Zoom: Zoom in and out for a more detailed look

- Objects Display: show or hide the object display options allowing you to adjust the table numbers, seat count, table occupancy, dimensions, etc.

- Color Display: Visualizes the seating capacity of each table

- Print: Print your floor plan

- PDF: Save your floor plan in PDF format

View your floor plan in stunning 3D by clicking on the 3D button in the right-hand corner. In this mode, you can view your event with a Bird's Eye view or First Person view.


4. Guests

The “Guests” menu allows you to control who will be attending your event by importing contacts from Facebook or our AllSeated Excel template. Once you have imported your guests, you can add additional information to individual guest and filter your guest list.

You can also add names manually on the bottom of the page. 


Get more information about Mastering your Guest List. 

5. The Timeline

The “Timeline” feature allows you to organize exactly what will take place during the event. You have full control over not only who will do what, but when and where these activities will take place.  

  • Begin by adding Sections. Under each section, you can add multiple tasks. Make sure you specify the time, who, what, and where. You can make your timeline as detailed or basic as you would like. 

  • You can have multiple timelines side by side. For example, one could be for the bride and one for the groom. 



6. Reports

The “Reports” menu allows you to generate guest list and floor plan reports. You can customize your reports with our preloaded filters.

Once you generate your report, you have the options to Print, Save it as a PDF, or download it as a CSV (Excel) file. 

Now, you have successfully created your first event!

*AllSeated automatically saves your event every 30 seconds so don't worry about losing changes.

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